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Friday, April 29, 2011

Boy, you know you got me gone.

Choose your companions with the right attitude , or else you'll end up with companions as rotten as your attitude.

So is this the part where I tell you how much I love you again? Even if I do, I wouldn't. Because , I already fell in love with another. And no matter how much I don't wanna tell this guy, I still wouldn't tell you either.
How am I supposed to tell this guy that I love him already and not like him? And that I enjoy every single moment together with him. No matter where we are, I still enjoy my time as long as his by my side. He might be younger than me by 2 years but he's maturity level is better than other 15 year olds. This is not an insult, I'm just saying this because I wanna show you how different he is! And why do I like him? Why did I choose him? I also don't know why.
Love works in different ways, and one of them is when you fall in love with the weirdest guys or the younger guys and you don't even know why!
Maybe, I say maybe, this might be called true love.