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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What goes up, must come down.

Now baby you're not around.

Good evening tiny peoples of this planet so called, Earth. I am Megann the smart alien girl and I've come in peace to type out this short post about last Friday's event. :)

Okay, so last friday the gang wanted to celebrate lantern festival at KK. We initially wanted to play candles but sadly we couldn't. ): why? 'Cause it started to drizzle again. Aw man D: oh wells. So we changed plans to walk to Ham Yong's house after buying our dinner at Mcd. While walking halfway, it kept drizzling. Omg. Yeah and finally after, idk how long, i think roughly about 30mins or so, we finally reached Yong's mansion. Ehehehe. The dad bought pizza for us, haha aw how sweet :) then later on we were fooling arnd in his house. Me and Cheryl were playing the piano while Hanson was upstairs sleeping in Yong's bedroom. Ahahaha :D then later on, we bathed in his bathroom x) heheheh. We basically took advantage of his house man =D awesome.

Later on, it was movie timeeeee! Yay! The guys ( Leslei & Hanson ) rented Scissors 2 for our Lantern festival horror movie. It's japanese one, soyeah obviously it'll be real scary shit. :X but me and my sister din't get to watch D: when the horror was starting, my dad came -.- alamak. Susahnyaaaaa. Bleah! Anyways, Weii said that the ending suck balls. :D oh wells.
Alright, goodnight peoples! :D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm super duper in love with you, but you just can't see that apparently.

You are the best thing, that has ever been in my life tho we weren't together.

Hi, can I talk about my ex-crush today on this post? LOL.

Idk why but I just miss him so much, and NO , it's nothing emo. Omg. I'ma just tell you what made him so special to me that made me fall in love with him.

We both met in tuition last year. We used to be in the same schools as well. Well, I din't exactly know that until I remembered his familiar face, soyeah. Getting back to the story, I met him in tuition, but never talked to him and let alone even look at him / pay attention to him at all. Till around August I think, or later than that I forgotten; he made the first to talk to him. And this was what he said, 'What's your number and where do you live?' -.- omg if you were me would you think that he's a stalker much? LOL i did but i gave him my number anyways, and just told him where i lived but not which road. Hmmm yeah.

And well, later on in class idk why but we were in the same groups most of the time :O seriously. And yeah, we laughed alot around each other. But at the same time, my boyf wasn't exactly happy. We started getting close by talking to each other about this girl he used to like last year. Yeah, he started calling me ever since the two months holidays started. That's when we started going out and talking, and laughing. Even more so, he came to my house and he played my piano. Haha, he's an awesome pianist :) also, after for awhile of talking on the phone, i noticed that he stopped talking about the girl he liked but instead, he kept talking about other things. Most of them is about himself and his family or whatever else like what he liked to eat blablabla. Hmmm kinda weird tho. O_O hahah.

Later on, we went out ALOT. Like seriously ALOT. We would always meet each other at our U18 park as we live in the same neighbourhood , wow , what a coincidence. :O hmmm and yeah, we talked alot and later on early this year he taught me bball :D hehehe :3 first time somebody has so much patience to teach me bball. Lucky x)
And yeah well, i guess thats abt it. Oh there was another time last year where he took me out for breakfast as well. HAHA. It was nice of him tho i don't eat breakfast. Hmmm /:

But now, he's gone. Idk where did he go to. We don't talk anymore and neither do we even see each other anymore. I miss him so much and he's harder to let go than my ex. This is ridiculous. D:

Well people, you've heard my story about my lover. How about yours?

Ohmygosh .

Sometimes you may wanna look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, is this really what you want or wanted?

Friday, September 24, 2010

I made it.

Maybe sometimes it wouldn't hurt to feel a little jealous? :)

Good morning people!
Okay as promised that I would elaborate on the last post right? Well yeah so I will, like rightnow. I just wanna post some nice pictures up in this post that I found in Tumblr while I was updating My Tumblr. heeee. ;)
Okay, soyeah, that's all!
Have to get ready sooon. :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

'Cause he's lovin' :)

Okay people, sooo, hello! :D i'm here to re-update this long post with pictures. Just short short captions and explainations. :)

So the pictures below in BR were taken on the first week of holidays. And yeah, went there to celebrate my cousin's late birthday. And meeeeet Ernest! :D My new boyf! HAHAHAH.

My dearest Ernest. :D I haven't seen him in a looong time man. I miss him ):

Below you have a picture of my sister, while we were waiting in Malacca's hotel. :) bored maa. Still more pictures ofcourse in my DSLR. Hahaa i feel so lazy to upload. ):

Below are random pictures of me. LOL.

My dog, Flicka :D

The day that I got my new contacts! Wheeee :3


Thursday we did an experiment on Titration for our chemis coursework :O
Hmmm. I only liked the colour :D hahahaha. Typical me lah. Purple. :D

And yeah well, I guess that's all people!

Goodbye and have a nice day! :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's easier for telling the truth.

Helloh helloh fellow tiny peoples :D
I'm finally here to update my SUPER DEAD BLOG. Hmmm let's see, ohyeah! I got my blue contacts on Monday! Wheeee :) BUT, I'm super sad aswell cos they don't have the colour that I initially wanted which was :


Yeah, so I'm like, uber saddd ): but kinda happy at the same time cos this is the first time that daddy allowed me to get coloured contacts! :D Yaaay! So don't get shocked when my eyes look a lil too blue ;)
And yes, I've recovered from my sickness but my stupid cough is still there. So singing is a lil uncomfortable for me sometimes /: sad. But atleast I can still sing. Hmmm what else, oh yes, we form 4A are gonna perform smth for Caiven's wedding on the 2nd of October! Wheehehehe :3 excited also cos I'll be able to try out my blue contacts for the very first time! =D And yeah guess that's all, apart from, final test is right arnd the corner, cg and bible study tmr night and I've to study like shit, my life is pretty awesome :D i can tell myself now that I'm much much happier than before!
No kidding ;) I can practically scream my lungs out despite my sore throat :)

Alright, and i'm out!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Everybody get up!

Yours truly , is truly SICK D:
Aw man. I think i got it on Tuesday or Wednesday. GAH.
It started with a light cough, then heavy cough, then sneezing unexpectedly, and lastly, FEVER.
I don't like this. ):
I can't taste any food at all.

getting sick reminds me of you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love you. :)

Hi! :) I love you.

This is for you, my pretty boy. :)

I love you. I still do. Trust me, I might be happier without you, but, I miss you terribly deep down inside. Sometimes when I'm at home, I just feel like talking to you. Calling you. Punching in your numbers and have a nice chat with you. But I'm afraid that I'll just bug you and your new life with her.
But lately, I can't do that anymore. Because I don't wanna feel the hurt and receive texts from you in the morning feeling so scared. I can't go through that anymore. I'm much happier like this because my problems have become much easier. Now, all I have to worry about is my studies, my piano, my friends, my attitude, my work in my cg and that's all. No more worrying about whether you still love me or not, or whether you have a new girlf and I'm gonna be jealous anot.
All I can say is that, I love you. But, I don't love you as well. Idk why but yeah. Altho sometimes the things I do or my friends do, it reminds me terribly of you. How I used to be that lucky. To have a guy truly love me and care for me. :) I miss all that, but, I've to move on. I'll love you, like how I love my friends. That's the best I can do, and the best that I'm gonna do.
The rest stops, there. No more than that.
Enjoy your life okay. :) I've got a surprise for you as well. Keep in touch then.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I realised.

Sometimes it doesn't really hurt that much when you start to let go and move on.

Hello fellow readers! :D
I is multi tasking now. Sooo , wait lah. Let me finish up my Fb tagged note first yeah! :)
So , I'm finally done with my Fb note! I shall post it in here aswell since my blog is half dead. :D

Before you read what I'm about to reveal to you.
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 35 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 15 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 35 random things, tag 15 people then click publish.

1. I am a girl.
2. I am sixteen.
3. I love photography <3 :)
4. I love singing <3 :)
5. Music has always been my thing.
6. Played the piano since I was 5 or 6 ;)
7. I suck in maths, addmaths, physics, chemis you name it :D
8. People say I'm too thin when I eat a fair amount of food. :)
9. Bei Li calls me bony. -.-
10. I wanna be able to study in the New Zealand's School Of Arts! :D <3
11. I super love sushi! :D <3
12. I used to have an awesome best, close guy friend. :)
13. I ended up loving my best friend. <3 :)
14. I broke up with my boyf of one year plus a few months ago. :)
15. I'm much happier without him. :D
16. I love my sayangs! I could never live without them! :D
17. Travelling is awesome!
18. GLEE (Y) yeahman! :D
19. CHC <3
20. My dear W57 , and my multiplied cg's aswell :) <3 !
21. Meatballs! :D
22. Movies! :D
23. I think dancing is amazing, and it's gonna be my next passion. Who'll help me? ;)
24. I lie abt my sickness sometimes because I don't wanna go to school. Oops. (A) :)
25. I'm a Christian! :D
26. I love reading, writing aswell :)
27. I think Africans are special , and amazing! Their voices are, gorgeous!
28. Australia would be my next destination this year altho I've been there before.
29. To plan a end of year trip with the sayangs :)
30. Road trip with W57!
31. Learn Haru Haru on piano :)
32. Get good grades by the next test.
33. Should start to eat more vegetables. /:
34. I laugh alot! :D HAHAHAH.
35. I am me! Megann Ho! :D Live with it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Deng !

I can't upload a damn picture. -.- stupid blogger won't refresh the page. GAH D: i give up lah seriously!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did you think that?

I'm sorry my dear star. ):

Gahhhh !
This is ridiculous! I can't upload any damn photos except for pretty pictures like these! D: Y'know what? I'ma just compile everything into my next post when I can upload the photos. Seriously man.
Anyways, got back from Malacca tdy with family. It was okay I guess. Then, Cheryl came over to do social skills project with my sister. But ended up talking with them. Then Cheryl asked whether me and maya wanna go SP to catch a movie. I did, my sister had horse riding classes. AGAIN -.- oh wells. But she did join us for dinner :)
Watched Resident Evil : Afterlife. I find it awesome :D A MUST WATCH PATRICK NG WEI HAU. :D Hahahaha.
Dined at Kim Gary together with my parents. HAHA. You should've seen the look on Leslei's face man seriously. It was priceless. =D
Hmmm , soyeah. Guess that's all. School's starting tmr -.- gah. Unfair. Others are on holiday while WE , SIRIUS SCHOLARIANS have freaking school! D:
Fine. Ciao!

Friday, September 10, 2010

& I am terrified.

Hello people! :D
Just came back from the twins house and had a great time at their house with my sayangs together with Leslei and Hanson with a movie marathon :) wheee!
Hmmm , yeah , reached their house around 4 plus and then we chilled for awhile, talked alot and laughed. Bei Li was like half deaf , cos whatever we said , she twisted it when she asked questions O_O omg. HAHAHAHA. And then she kept saying tiny people O: eeeeish , typical Bei Li. Aahahaha :D that cute lil girl.
Yep, then later on around 6 i think, we walked to Sri Melur to eat our early dinner as me and Beiwei were hungry :) yummy fooood. No pictures at all cos neither of us brought our camera. Haha! Later on Hanson joined us as he's aunt dropped him off. He ate aswell and paid for us too O_O gosh. Thanks Hanson! :D Hahahaah. Yeah then headed back and watched House of Wax, followed by The Orphan. Deng, second time that i'm watching the Orphan. Kinda boring tho /: sighh , oh wells!
Yeah and that's all , will be leaving for Melaka tmr tho!
See you peopleeee! :D

p/s wanted to upload pictures but blogger is being stubborn here. Soyeah. Stay tuned! :D

Every word you say feels like a shooting star.

It hurts, to reminiscence the moment.

Hello all.
I'ma lazy ass I know -.- I super don't wanna update my blog lah. Just wanna do short updates like these can I please? :D AHAHAH. Well anyways, hmmm might do a short post with pictures later thenn :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shoot off , please ! -.-

I'm getting REAL tired of you. Seriously. -.- REAL tired of YOU.

This time it's different.

But, I love you.

Good evening readers!
I've a boring blog, I know. Oh wells, due to laziness that's how I got this blog. HAHA. Hmmm, well, came back from an awesome outing movie marathon with my sayangs today. :D Thomas din't really join in tho, but, atleast he watched the second movie with us! Hehehe. Well, will update more soon! Stay tuned!
Goodnight readers!
Tired & lazy :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sad stories.

I miss my mummy OCL so badly! D:
LOL , and I don't even know why. .__.

Nyehnyehbubu! :D

That should be me.

Hi all! :D
I know I kinda left my blog a lil bit abandoned , but , aiyoo , sorry lah. I din't get to online the past few nights. 'Cause, well, I had school and my dad was using it all the time. Soyeah. :/
But atleast noww , I can use! :D Alright sooo , wow. I'm going out again today with the twins, Thomas & my sister! Yay! Movie marathon daaay! Well, Thomas promised me ;) hahaha. So anyways, then I'll be meeting up with Shalini and her friends aswell later in SP. So , two in one kinda thingymajing! ;D heh.
Pictures not posted up yet, lazy and busy. Maybe today, idk. Or , tmr? O_O but don't worry, I'll get right to it! :D
Alright, ciao people!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yes I am , happy. :)

I am finally smiling and laughing out loud. For real. No more fake smiles anymore. I feel happy , again.

Hello and goodbye soon! :)
Hmmm went out to Kepong today for cg outing. Yeah , was out whole afternoon till 9something at night. Well , pictures will be posted up soon enough. Maybe tmr? :O Who knows. Anyways, i'ma die soon. So sleepy. B.O already.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm falling for you .

Trust no man. Fear no bitch.

Goood afternoon all! :D
Well , I definately enjoyed service today! Sermon was super awesome! It was talking about Restoration , and yes , am I glad that I went :) it helped me out with my problems that I'm dealing with now. Especially all my bad past. I was really struggling through them, but today's service, what Pastor Kevin said today, really touched my heart and encouraged me to move on. Not only that, but also, having a bad past has nothing to do with your future now.
Take it as , 'A bad past turns into a good past as you're saved by the grace of God.' :) So then now, you can love your the person you've hated your whole life, by the grace of God. :) I find it awesome! :D

Another thing before I go off for my cg outing! I've been updating my tumblr alot :D Hahaah. It's really fun to update on tumblr more than blog. Hehehee :] I knowww. But still, I'm not gonna abandon my dear blog!
Alright, goodbye people!

Hey guys! :) I've finally managed to create a Tumblr account! Haha :D cool right? LOL , no not cool at all. Hmmm so anyways , visit it anytime you want! Goooooooodnight , I'ma sleep now then. It's 3:46am and I've a whole day of activities tmr starting with church then cg outing! EXCITED! :D

My Tumblr :D

I never should've let you go.

Sometimes , the hardest thing we have to face in life , is ourselves .

Sleepness nights fall upon me .

You are definately adorable! :)

Hello you tiny peoples out there! ;D
Heh , I got that word from my Bei Li :) so anyways , went out with Yee Fen today! Yes! It was kinda a last minute plan tho. Planned it on Friday night went out on Saturday morning. Haha! Yeahman (Y) it was a success! Woohoo! ;)

Yf picked me up @ my place around 11something , then we headed to SP. First thing was Starbucks! Haha , Yf drank TWO coffees! :D amazing :) then , headed to Fullhouse for lunch. Service damn bad can die but food was good! Yummy! Later on, walked around the WHOLE PYRAMID cause Yf wanted to buy heels for a cousin's wedding next weekend. But couldn't find anything as it was too exp! D: Sigh , then we headed back to Starbucks and sat there and talk and online! :) I bought a cookie! Heh too tempted d. Hmm then yeah that's all! :D
She joined us for dinner aswell . Great day out with her!

Now looking forward to Wednesday's movie marathon with the twins & Thomas! :D

Alright that's all! :)
Goooooooooodnight people!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My heart keeps telling me that I shouldn't let go of him.

But now I love you so much.

Goood morning peak readers :)
Well , I'm devastated. Obviously, lately i've been thinking about what went wrong between me and AT? But, I just can't seem to find out the answer at all. I miss him. That i'm sure. But, sigh, he was a really nice guy. A really really nice guy. He was uhm well , fairly patient aswell you could say :)
He kept singing all those HSM's songs to me. Especially those songs which are Troy and Gabriella's duets. Haha, those love songs. Oh how I miss them. :/ he would call me everynight without fail , with his house phone some more! And his hp bill, usually wouldn't go up to abt lets say, 50bucks. But there was once where I asked him, and he said that this month was 70 over bucks. It might not be much to you but it's kinda alot to him, since he hardly ever uses his hp. I was shocked, asked him not to call anymore. Especially with house phone, since it's darn bloody expensive. But, he still did. I mean, how could you not love a guy like that? Plus, he was so adorable last time. :D
But now, not even a word. Let alone a 'hi' from him anymore. It's just, 'I look at you and you look at me' in school. This is why i feel devastated when i see him in my class talking with his friends or even other girls, i sometimes wonder whether I'm jealous or mad at myself for throwing away sucha great guy? I question myself everyday, everynight. & one thing's for sure, I definately miss him.

Goodnight people.

AT is missed ):

I miss AT , so so much.
I regret , letting him go since this year. I should've held onto him and work things out. But, I couldn't. I , don't wanna lie.

I appreciate my time here on earth, everysingle moment of it.

I think you're adorable.

Hello all , good evening :)

Mmm , for now I wouldn't really update anything 'cause I wanna be able to finish up my new header that I'm doing now.

Soyeah , I'll come back and update my blog again later real fast! ;)