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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 , I'm ready for you .

And I go back to December ,
all the time .

Hello hello!
How was your New Year's countdown last night people? :) Mine was , counted productive I guess? Hmm , me and sister were lazy to go out and countdown unlike my "young supervisor" LOL , we stayed at home ate BR ice cream and watched Remember Me. Damn awesome right? I know.
Anyways , yeah , short short post. Going out tmr yo ;D with ze awesome workmates! Weeeee , teehee :D
Okays then , I'll go now. Ciao!

I miss you , D.
So much . Altho a part of you is with me , I still miss your warm hugs.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Have yourself a merry little christmas :)

Yo :D
So I'm like back here again , and I'm kindda lazy to upload all the pictures lah D; hmm , I'll most probably just upload everything into Facebook then aite! ;D Easier and yeah , more people will be able to see LOL.
Soyeah anyways, short story lah.
We stayed at the Swissotel , The Stamford as Marina Bay Sans was full shit! D; Gah! The place was super awesome lah , but sadly we din't get the chance to stay there lah. Sigh , nvm lah next time. Also at night we had dinner at Fou De Fa Fa , a really famous French/Italian restaurant. Daddy's good friends with the owner so we get more benefit ;) ahaha.

Lets see, then daddy's friend took us to Marina Bay and looked at the scenery and boy , it was amazing! Seriously! We also dropped by The Fullerton Hotel and The Fullerton Bay hotel. Two difference , one is the original one which is the really big and grand one, the other one is smaller but nicer and cosier too! :) HAHA. I would rather stay at The Fullerton Bay hotel. Woooots ;D

And yeah , I guess that's all for my Singapore trip I guess. Just that then the next day daddy brought us to a much cheaper place to shop since we din't get to shop on the first day. Well , thank you daddy! We love you :D
Got some stuff , satisfied enough already lah. Ahahaha.
Alrighty then! I'm done , ciao!

Last christmas , I gave you my heart .

Hi all!
Megann is back from her holiday at Singapore already, and so she's here to blog a quarter of it as she's a lil lazy.
So anyways, Merry Christmas again from Singapore! :D

The crazy Ho sisters wish you a really awesome one tho!
We enjoyed our time walking out on the streets and just camwhoring :D

Welcome ,
to Marina Bay Sans :D
this must be the coolest place to hang out at night in Singapore yo! This is awesome! Will upload more later on lah or another day. Yess! The view is great and they'll have the countdown over here as well!
Also if you notice that there's some things on the water, that's actually balloons where people write their wishes on 'em and throw it into the water. Damn awesome right? :)

Sigh, this is just so beautiful. I had a really beautiful Christmas this year :) Thank you God !
Also, thanks Duta for this snowglobe exchanged gift. Haha!
And I shall end here :D

Friday, December 24, 2010

Hey guys! :D
I'm back here tonight JUST to wish all of you a merry merry happy christmas !
Enjoy your day and exchanging presents or even hanging with your friends or family ! Just remember that Christmas is about spending time with the people you love and NOT only getting and giving presents ;D

Oh yes ! Also I'll be celebrating my Christmas this year with my work friends at Leather Avenue :D awesome , no ? Woooots! Alright so , we'll be doing gift exchanging tomorrow night after work then Jin and I are gonna torture Alex our supervisor to drive us around Subang to look for countdowns ! Bwahahaha xD

Again , Merry Christmas !
I love everyone of you :D

At this point of time , Christmas kindda reminds me of you and how I spent my Christmas and New Year's with you last year . But sadly , I don't miss you tho o.o hmmm , weird , ohwells ! Life goes on anyways ;D Good luck in next year boy !

Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I want for christmas , is you .

Blogger is being bitchy again. Rawr!
Anyways , another 'emo' short post.

I love you , D.
Idc whether the love I have for you might need to be kept secretly all my life , but I'll just tell you silently in my heart that I really love you. You found me when I almost died in the second part of my life. Sadly , you already have your own long lasting partner. Don't worry , I won't do anything (: I'll only love you from afar. Forbidden love.
I just hope that, in the future , we could still be good friends. Eventho you're a few more years older than me , I wouldn't mind. You took him off my mind , you gave me care and love. For once, I kindda believe in love at first sight.
I'll miss you so much when I go back to school D.
Don't forget me.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

& I don't wanna miss a thing.

Just when they thought they've lost each other,
fate brought them back together again.

Well hello guys! :D
Okay so I'm kinda like in a blogging mood now as cause I found my old best friend / childhood friend just tonight only! Well actually , it's Tuesday I think. Well Idk I forgotten, cause he added me in Fb and yeah, I just accepted him and, we talked ALOT tonight. Not only that, there's still more to come from each of us! I haven't told him about the time I shifted to U12 school and what happened, he haven't told me about his school. Because we were so busy talking about our childhood memories!
That's just the sweetest thing about us, we each remember different things about our childhood and the times we spend together. He was my ultimate best friend, and until now, he still is.

I used to be so miserable last time in primary cause we were separated. I thought I could never see him anymore. But yeah, we were still in the same school but sadly, we didn't know! We din't notice! Omg , really , these are just the type of memories you would just wanna hang on to till Idk when. But for me, I wanna hold on to my memories, forever :')

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's been long.

Tonight I'm gonna take over.

I met him last year, we talked, we became close, we stayed so near each other, and saw each other almost everyday during the holidays.
What more could I ask from when I was already that happy? I could only count the minutes and hours when we're together and count down the days till we see each other again or the hours when get to talk again at night.
Sadly, I had a boyfriend at that time, and so, I denied every fact about me having the chance to actually fall for him. I avoided everything possible and be his friend only because I know that I've got a boyfriend, so I don't want to be two timing him.
Unfortunately, things between me and my boyfriend ended earlier this year, couldn't blame anybody. So now , I feel happier without him and I'm way over him.
But, for my friend, all the feelings towards I've hidden it in my heart, came out after I've acknowledged the fact that I love him.
By that time, I was too late. He has found his own lover and has left me alone, not even wondering how I really felt about him or FOR him.

"He left me when I realized how much I loved him. He left me when I cared for him the most. He left me when I needed him the most.
He left me when I needed his shoulder to cry on. He left me when I loved him. He just left, like that, without any notice.
And so, my wounded heart, which I once would thought that it would heal, was never healed and can never be healed. He will forever, be in my heart, and stay there.
He plays an important role in my heart. The role where he keeps quarter of my heart beating while on the outside I'm dying. The role where he keeps one side of my heart happy.
The role where all our memories are stored. Every memory will never be forgotten, nor him. Never would it be him. I love him."

-Wednesday, 1st December 2010. 12:43AM
-Author, Megann.

So you see, love comes in many ways. It doesn't end, and neither does the hurt when you feel it. It takes times, alot of time. Eventho sometimes you feel that the problems and hurt are already but you're wrong. It could come back to haunt you, all over again. By then, you'll have to be able to move on from it and continue to be happy no matter what happens.

To Megann,
Stop thinking about him. Eventho he lives just near you, stop thinking that he'll come back to you and apologise of what he did to you. Stop thinking that you'll have him as your christmas present one year, he's gone and he's never coming back. Stop thinking about him. He doesn't love you, and you're going to forget him. Just let him go, don't let him haunt your memories and mind.
If you love him, you would let him go and wish him only nothing but the best.