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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fate brought us back together again, right there deep in our hearts.

Mm , good evening to all awake readers right now. Or more like, good early peak morning. The heck.

So anyways, I couldn't sleep tonight again. Why? 'Cause , I've remembered a few things of what happened this year with TK & AT. Sigh, okay well, I watched High School Musical 3 like, few hours ago with mummy. And you're probably wondering what's it gotta do with both of them right? Yeaaah i know. So yeah, it reminded me of AT first 'cause, he loved High School Musical 1, 2 & 3. & well, it just brings back so memories of him and me when we first met and we first fell in love for each other; and also, how we got together and what we went through. It was beautiful at first, but sadly it had to end. Worst part is, I ended it with him. TWICE some more. I had my own personal reasons of why I did that. It was due to some certain traumas. :/ but he's a really nice guy tho , & I needa talk to him. Seriously. A one on one chat, with him. 'Cause, I needa clear out some stuff with him.

Secondly , TK. Wow, I seriously can kill myself instantly when the thought of him teaching me basketball came into my mind as i watched HSM3. Those bball players were playing bball , while one of them threw the ball hard against one of his friend. And yeah, that's where it actually got me. It reminded me of how, caring he was. How patient he was. How adorable he looked when he was playing with those lil kids at the bball court behind our house. :) I couldn't help but smile when typing this out. He's just, everything I thought he would be / could be. But sadly, I can't have him. I might aswell , be silent about my feelings for him. Keep it real silent and not show out any of it at all in front of my friends.

Soyeah, well, I guess that's all I've to say for tonight! :) Goodnight people.

OH! Before I really go, I've been listening to this song from Fullhouse. Yeah, awesome song. It's been so long since I last watched and listened to their songs. :)

To be , or not to be?

Flower :)

Lazy lah!
Go to my fb profile to view the photos from KK :)

Dancing is gonna be my next passion :)

Yesyesyes! :D
I'm sooo in love with Step Up 1 , 2 and 3 ! Ohmygosh , it's just simply amazing I tell you :)
I can never get enough of it! I'ma grab my inspiration from here and the determination to learn .

So anyways, went to SP this afternoon with mummy and sister. Had a lil shopping spree. Mummy and sister did most of the window shopping while I managed to get myself a pair of shorts and a tube like shirt from Kitschen! :D Yay! & one more thing before I go ,

I noticed that half the clothes in my closet are from Kitschen itself! Omg :O
I find it awesome. Well , I haven't shopped in idk how long , soo , what better ways to buy new clothes from :) heh.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I miss 2009 !

It's where everything started , and ended.

Hello , I know I said i would upload the pictures from Saturday but , aih sorry guys i'm just too lazy D: oh wells.
Anyways , was supposed to watch movies over at The twin's place today right after school , but plan failed due to 'cause beiwei thought i told the guys while I thought beiwei told the guys , and Cheryl. SIGH :/ next time then? Yeeeah.
Hmmm I guess that's all for tonight?
Oh yeah! The picture above was taken last year in ACE tuition. 27 August 2009 ! Aw , I miss them and my memories there since I was really little ): I basically miss 2009 ! D:


Sunday, August 29, 2010

You are my collection of memories :)

I'm determined , to move on from you. I'm not gonna just sit back like some depressed girl anymore. Enough is enough! I want my old self back, back when loving a guy from far was the hardest thing for me & the most hurtful thing.

Hi all!
Well , here's a picture from ytd's last minute plan to KK :) yep. I consider this picture quite nice actually , haha , satisfied with this one that I took. One of the best I guess ;) heheh :]
Anyways , more pictures to come up on fb! Might post a lil more slightly later. Also , might be going out to SP later with mummy & sister :D movie night! HAHA.
Okaaay , byebye!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am , superwoman !

I am , superwoman! :)

Hey guys!
A really short update. Hmmm , lazy to update lah these days. :/ oh wells , went to KK today to Cheryl's place. Watched two movies & took some pictures. Shall post it up maybe, idk tmr or something like that. But for now , goodnight people! :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I regret.


You're my number one boy! :D


Hello there , good evening.
Just got back from school not too long ago & now i'm sitting her eating nuts , blogging , facebooking & listening to music! :D Yes , that's the best part man!
Lately I've been listening to : We'll Be A Dream by We The Kings feat Demi Lovato
Awesome song man. Seriously. You guys should go listen to it.
Okay then, I'm going off nowwww.

& yes , I know , my blog is DEAD! D:
Still finding something to blog about. LOL.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bip bip bip.

I miss my best friend , Yap Yee Fen , so much ):

We have so much to talk about man seriously! Hehehe :] we should do this more often. go out every two or three weeks. wouldn't that be fun ? :P
Anyways , sleepy alr. Got back from tuition , tired -.- ugh. PMS. Damnn.
Soyeah , gooodnight! :D

Monday, August 23, 2010

Remember the nights , when we juggled our crazies?

When the lights go off , we'll be safe & sound.

Evening people.
Another picture from WetWorld last Thursday :) yeah. My teacher finally uploaded the pictures into fb. HAHAH. Oh wells , nothing much to blog about I guess , except for the fact that dad's birthday is this Thursday. Will be celebrating for him at night. HAHA. ;D
Okay , that's all for tonight!
out! :)

Maybe 'cause it's just love :)

HI! I'M DONE! OMG FINALLY :D oh! But these aren't all of it tho :) heheh. I obviously can't upload the WHOLE 300OVER PICTURES RIGHT? DOH. OBVIOUSLY CAN'T. -.- so anwyays , the rest are in my fb , go take a look if you like ;)

Okay well , so , I guess , short explaination then :) Hmmmm. Went up to Genting right after at around 5something & reached around 6something? :) Yeah , then later on, while waiting for my parents to come up so we could check into our rooms, we headed out for a lil walk & dinner & started to take pictures :D yep! It was super awesome! After checking in , we stayed in our room for awhile then headed out again :) took some pictures in our room before we left tho. Yeah. The guys played Texas poker.

THEN, we headed out to snap more pictures & walked around more! Later at about 12smth, we headed to Starbucks for a yumcha session :) had a nice talk with Patrick & later on around 115am we headed back to our rooms to wash up, bath & got ready to play truth or dare. But sadly, everybody was tired already, so no truth or dare D: sigh. Oh wells, then we all slept.

Next morning , all went to the theme park & ate breakfast @ Old town kopitiam :) Then , it was time to say our goodbyes & leave the place D:

A great weekend spent ;) !

Coming sooooooooon :D

It doesn't hurt to cry out a lil sometimes. In fact , it actually helps calm your heart down more :)

HAHA , okayokay. I know I'm delaying alot but , c'mon! Wait a lil while more okay? :) Pictures from last friday are coming up! ;D
out , out , out! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can anybody hear me ?

Ah , Genting 20August2010 :D

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Coming soon!

Pictures are coming up sooon yeah! ;)
Have already rotated and uplaoded 'em :)

Okay , byebye :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today is definately the day!

hello all :)
just a lil sneak peek on what went on today in our school :) well basically, we din't have classes today :D AND IT'S NOT CALLED PONTENG CLASS. LOL. it's just that we had an outing to Shah Alam's Wet World, for physics coursework loh. Hmmm, the place has ONE advantage and IDK HOW MANY disadvantages. Hahaha.

Advantage :
Quiet place, can work properly. have whole place to ourselves :)

Disadvantages :
So run down!
Pool slide not enough water! ( that resulted to a retarded slide )
pool don't even think that they cleaned it at all!
Few slides weren't able to be used. The heck weih seriously -.-

Soyeah , oh wells , guess that's all!
Reached back to school around 450pm :)
Okay , byebye!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello and goodbye :)

Would like to have one last talk with me before I go ? :)

okay people.
three words and i'll go off to bed! :D


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm running outta breath to chase you anymore .

Sometimes it's good to act crazy once in awhile , releases the extra stress you have in you :)

Gooood evening all :)
Well , short post then I'm off to bed. Haha.
Okay , so , today was fine , everything was fine. Mm , EXCITED FOR THIS FRIDAY LAAAAAH.
OVERNIGHT TRIP TO GENTING WITH THE BUNCH! OMG , CHERYL TAN YOU'D BETTER GO IF YOU WANNA SEE HIM ;) hehehe. Hmmm , another thing is , Patrick's joining us! Ahah! :D Yesyes , sooo excited , and also , can't wait for this Thursday's Wet World outing aswell. Mmhmm , after we finish our coursework we can play all day!

Guess that's all people!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Can anybody find me ?

Okaylah , short short short update! With atleast a lil bit of pictures this time :) HAHA.
Okay , more to come tho. One by one update laaah ;)
goodnight people!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girl you're amazing , just the way you are :)

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend :)

Hi hi hi !
I feel super happy today & idk why also. HAHA. Hmmm , anyways , I've decided to do a proper update as yee fen did a proper update abt ytd. Soyeah lah. Whynot right? Hahaah :) ( megann , don't be lazy! C'mon! )

Okaylah , lets start!
So I picked yee fen up at abt 12pm I think? Yeah , then , off we went to SP. After that , first stop was Starbucks as we wanted to sit down at a quiet place to talk all we want! :D
Heh , she belanja-ed me a tall Caramel Macchiato! Wheee (L) thanks love! :) & I belanja-ed her a blue spaghetti tee from FOS! Wow , seriously , blue looks good on us man! (Y)
Then we walked and talked , then take LOTSA PICTURES ;D then walked some more. Shopped a lil , but yee fen bought quite alot of little stuff ;) haha! Then we err , went to toilet alot as yee fen kept saying that she needed to visit the toilet. (toilet lover) :P HAHAH.
Soyeah , well, guess that's all?
I enjoyed my time with her. Seriously. Eventho we used to argue and gossip abt eachother alot , I still love her :) I miss our times together in primary aswell. & especially the times where we go to eachother's houses alot , almost every weekend! :P Well , atleast now I know that we're still best friends :D

Visit our albums in Fb yeah! :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My date for today! :)

An old friend would in the end still be your new best friend , as they never changed nor will they ever leave you :)

Hello all :)
I'm done uploading the photos into my fb album. But lazy to upload 'em here as it takes MUCH MUCH longer than fb , so , go to my fb if you want lah! :D
Goodnight , out! :)

A day out! :D

You made my night yesterday , how glad am I to have met you :)

Hello all! :D
Hmmm , short post for now ! Will try my best to upload everything once I sort out the pictures and rotate them! Aite?
Stay tuned :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

You can search in the world to find true love :)

Pictures always speaks a thousand words , without fail :)

Hi all! :) goood evening! Haha , well , I've finally got the pictures from Carmenie already today this evening but I won't post it up now as i've stuff to do , so patiently wait please :) heh. thankyou so much. Okay well , only a short update! Nightynights :D out!

Maybe you were the one , once .

I've finally managed to move on without you :)

Just a short post before I go watch my drama and eat my dinner then get ready for tuition tonight!
Hmmm , okay lets see , redid our chemistry experiment today for the last two hours of tutorial. GAH! THREE FREAKING TIMES MAN SERIOUSLY -.- Stupid Iron oxide damn failure kaokao. Sigh, oh wells, in the end we did Copper sulfate. To save time + energy :) hahahha.
Anyways, will be going out with Yee Fen tmr afternoon to SP , usual loh. LOL. Well, alot of catching up to do with my primary school friend! :D Looking forward to it.
alright, am done!
out! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I used to think ;

It's good to cry out once in a while :)

Hello all :)
It's been a while , I know , oh wells , cause I had my piano exams so last few days I was practicing my pieces and scales hardcore! Ish , especially when it's grade 7 you're taking ! D:
Anyways , on Tuesday we din't go anywhere , just ate at our usual & ciao-ed :) went back to class and snapped pictures! Heh ;) still waiting for Carmenie to post up the pictures & I'll post mine up soon I hope. Too lazy now , just wanna chat :)
& i'm out!