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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sometimes, everybody just needs a friend.

Alright, everything is getting so outta hand already. First this then that? What else is gonna happen? I feel enough pain already. Idk what's wrong with me all of a sudden but, I keep thinking about death.
I'm only like, 16 going 17 soon, and I'm thinking about death. Damn wtc right? Exactly! And it's making me so darn miserable! Also, I feel so far away from all my friends. Why is it that I feel that way? Is it because I feel so, different from them? Or is it just cause I don't spend time with them or don't like what they like? Or maybe it's 'cause I'm just not special. Sigh. It's not fair. Why do I feel like that? I thought that I already have EVERYTHING that I need to keep me happy from last year onwards after everything changed 360 degrees?
Maybe I was wrong. I really need a reality check right now.