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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last christmas , I gave you my heart .

Hi all!
Megann is back from her holiday at Singapore already, and so she's here to blog a quarter of it as she's a lil lazy.
So anyways, Merry Christmas again from Singapore! :D

The crazy Ho sisters wish you a really awesome one tho!
We enjoyed our time walking out on the streets and just camwhoring :D

Welcome ,
to Marina Bay Sans :D
this must be the coolest place to hang out at night in Singapore yo! This is awesome! Will upload more later on lah or another day. Yess! The view is great and they'll have the countdown over here as well!
Also if you notice that there's some things on the water, that's actually balloons where people write their wishes on 'em and throw it into the water. Damn awesome right? :)

Sigh, this is just so beautiful. I had a really beautiful Christmas this year :) Thank you God !
Also, thanks Duta for this snowglobe exchanged gift. Haha!
And I shall end here :D