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Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's been long.

Tonight I'm gonna take over.

I met him last year, we talked, we became close, we stayed so near each other, and saw each other almost everyday during the holidays.
What more could I ask from when I was already that happy? I could only count the minutes and hours when we're together and count down the days till we see each other again or the hours when get to talk again at night.
Sadly, I had a boyfriend at that time, and so, I denied every fact about me having the chance to actually fall for him. I avoided everything possible and be his friend only because I know that I've got a boyfriend, so I don't want to be two timing him.
Unfortunately, things between me and my boyfriend ended earlier this year, couldn't blame anybody. So now , I feel happier without him and I'm way over him.
But, for my friend, all the feelings towards I've hidden it in my heart, came out after I've acknowledged the fact that I love him.
By that time, I was too late. He has found his own lover and has left me alone, not even wondering how I really felt about him or FOR him.

"He left me when I realized how much I loved him. He left me when I cared for him the most. He left me when I needed him the most.
He left me when I needed his shoulder to cry on. He left me when I loved him. He just left, like that, without any notice.
And so, my wounded heart, which I once would thought that it would heal, was never healed and can never be healed. He will forever, be in my heart, and stay there.
He plays an important role in my heart. The role where he keeps quarter of my heart beating while on the outside I'm dying. The role where he keeps one side of my heart happy.
The role where all our memories are stored. Every memory will never be forgotten, nor him. Never would it be him. I love him."

-Wednesday, 1st December 2010. 12:43AM
-Author, Megann.

So you see, love comes in many ways. It doesn't end, and neither does the hurt when you feel it. It takes times, alot of time. Eventho sometimes you feel that the problems and hurt are already but you're wrong. It could come back to haunt you, all over again. By then, you'll have to be able to move on from it and continue to be happy no matter what happens.

To Megann,
Stop thinking about him. Eventho he lives just near you, stop thinking that he'll come back to you and apologise of what he did to you. Stop thinking that you'll have him as your christmas present one year, he's gone and he's never coming back. Stop thinking about him. He doesn't love you, and you're going to forget him. Just let him go, don't let him haunt your memories and mind.
If you love him, you would let him go and wish him only nothing but the best.