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Thursday, December 16, 2010

& I don't wanna miss a thing.

Just when they thought they've lost each other,
fate brought them back together again.

Well hello guys! :D
Okay so I'm kinda like in a blogging mood now as cause I found my old best friend / childhood friend just tonight only! Well actually , it's Tuesday I think. Well Idk I forgotten, cause he added me in Fb and yeah, I just accepted him and, we talked ALOT tonight. Not only that, there's still more to come from each of us! I haven't told him about the time I shifted to U12 school and what happened, he haven't told me about his school. Because we were so busy talking about our childhood memories!
That's just the sweetest thing about us, we each remember different things about our childhood and the times we spend together. He was my ultimate best friend, and until now, he still is.

I used to be so miserable last time in primary cause we were separated. I thought I could never see him anymore. But yeah, we were still in the same school but sadly, we didn't know! We din't notice! Omg , really , these are just the type of memories you would just wanna hang on to till Idk when. But for me, I wanna hold on to my memories, forever :')