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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Have yourself a merry little christmas :)

Yo :D
So I'm like back here again , and I'm kindda lazy to upload all the pictures lah D; hmm , I'll most probably just upload everything into Facebook then aite! ;D Easier and yeah , more people will be able to see LOL.
Soyeah anyways, short story lah.
We stayed at the Swissotel , The Stamford as Marina Bay Sans was full shit! D; Gah! The place was super awesome lah , but sadly we din't get the chance to stay there lah. Sigh , nvm lah next time. Also at night we had dinner at Fou De Fa Fa , a really famous French/Italian restaurant. Daddy's good friends with the owner so we get more benefit ;) ahaha.

Lets see, then daddy's friend took us to Marina Bay and looked at the scenery and boy , it was amazing! Seriously! We also dropped by The Fullerton Hotel and The Fullerton Bay hotel. Two difference , one is the original one which is the really big and grand one, the other one is smaller but nicer and cosier too! :) HAHA. I would rather stay at The Fullerton Bay hotel. Woooots ;D

And yeah , I guess that's all for my Singapore trip I guess. Just that then the next day daddy brought us to a much cheaper place to shop since we din't get to shop on the first day. Well , thank you daddy! We love you :D
Got some stuff , satisfied enough already lah. Ahahaha.
Alrighty then! I'm done , ciao!