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Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I want for christmas , is you .

Blogger is being bitchy again. Rawr!
Anyways , another 'emo' short post.

I love you , D.
Idc whether the love I have for you might need to be kept secretly all my life , but I'll just tell you silently in my heart that I really love you. You found me when I almost died in the second part of my life. Sadly , you already have your own long lasting partner. Don't worry , I won't do anything (: I'll only love you from afar. Forbidden love.
I just hope that, in the future , we could still be good friends. Eventho you're a few more years older than me , I wouldn't mind. You took him off my mind , you gave me care and love. For once, I kindda believe in love at first sight.
I'll miss you so much when I go back to school D.
Don't forget me.