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Monday, November 22, 2010

Nothing's gonna change my love for you .

And pull me back to reality, telling me not to let go of you and to trust you,
trust that you won't leave me alone anymore.

Oh hi guys , finally I'm back to blogger again.
So yeah , the looking for a job thingymajing is harder than I thought D:
First of all, it's either their FULL , or they only take 18 year olds. Anot then is, they want FULL-timers only. Aiyo, why lar :/ TSK. Then , some others say they'll call back but din't call ):

BAPAK , there's a despo SIXTEEN YEAR OLD TEENAGE GIRL HERE WHO'S WILLING TO WORK FOR YOU AT HALF THE SALARY TOO OKAAY ! I really just want the experience. Seriously. Also, if I happen to find any good jobs I would maybe wanna continue working until next year during weekends ;) hee. Hardworking ler me.

So lately, I've been thinking alot, like really alot. And Idk whether I should let him go. Because, for one thing, I feel like the both of us live in two different universe. It's tough I agree, but at the same time, I love him. I really do. There's nobody else out there like him. No more. He's different from any other guy, tho he's more busy than any of us but still, that doesn't stop me from loving him. He's always on my mind, not too far not too near but just nice :)