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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Like it's her birthday

Like it's her birthday!

Well, hello there! Hmm , should I delete my blog? like, AGAIN. Cause it's seriously so boring and there's nothing to talk about nowadays.
Hmm , oh but today I've something to say! HAHA. I feel like working for this holidays then going out and stuff. For the experience. I'm thinking of looking for a job that has something to do with hospitality and serving people. Like maybe in Starbucks or something. HEE. ;) But, we'll see. Maybe I'll go to taipan to look for a job.

Oh yes! Also, me and the gang are thinking of going to the beach for the holidays. We can go there and relax since we deserve it from all the hard work done in school. Courseworks and courseworks together piled up with essays and essays then MORE presentations! OHMY, CAN DIE LAR! D; Sighh, soyeah, we're gonna go there and enjoy the time of our life. WEEEE. Also, we can celebrate Hanson, my sister, Andrew and Annie's birthdays! Since their all November babies. :D
Alright, ciao people!