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Thursday, October 14, 2010

You know.

I am happy. More than happy that I'm so blessed to have my spiritual family and friends surrounding me.

Hi all.
I'm so bored that I edited pictures again, and their all uploaded into my fb album. Hee. Soyeah, do drop by then ;)
Alright, so, here's what I've studied :

Biology - Chapters 1 to 11 , 15 not so good yet
Chemistry - Wow, I think I only ionic bonding and covalent bonding for now O_O
Physics - Memorised most of the equations alr. Especially the FOUR EQUATIONS TO MEASURE SPEED. GAH. FINALLY.
English - Read books.
Maths - Practice a lil bit of questions and try to rmb formulas
Add maths - DIE LOR.
BM - Hm , thinking . I never touched it at all anyways. Ahaa.

Yep, well, I guess that's all then? Hee. :)
Ciao people!