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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time to live in.

The only time when we can't do things is when we think we can't.

You know what they say?
Life ain't always easy.

Goooood evening. :D
Hm okay so i went to Coffee Bean with sister this afternoon about 3pm till 6pm like that. Studied. Atleast I think i did. WAIT! I did :) I studied bio. AHAH. And yes, me and sister did have a good bonding time ;) hee. And for once in my life, I'm super happy today! Like, seriously. I can actually live without having a boyf for idk how many months. ;) woots. congratulate me maaan! I'ma stay single till I find my Romeo then ;) no fake commitment and lying boyfs. HAHA
Hm soyeah.

p/s I know you love me. You know you care. Shout whenever and I'll be there ;D
pp/s I'm starting to love you all over again. Maybe we can give us another chance? Heeh. ;)