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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I thought I could just get over you babe.

Because when you love someone, you truly love them and try in every way that you can to prove to them that your love for them is true. :)

I wanna lie to myself, but I can't. I guess, it's time to go back to my mindset of, keeping myself really busy and talk more with my sayangs. That might help keep the pain away a lil.

Gooood afternoon all. :)
Okay so, had a really busy morning today. Pheww! & am I glad it's over. NO WAIT! It's been an extra super busy week. OMG. Had alot of staybacks at school till night, then Tuesday was stayback and addmaths tuition. Friday was tuition aswell. Thursday was subzone outing at pyramid, skating and dinner. But had fun lar with my spiritual family:) me and chia chee were teasing WeiShen with his half banana chinese sentences all the way yooo! HAHA. It was hilarious seriously.
Sigh. Okay. Hmmm. Ohyes, today was Caiven's wedding! And yes that's why I was busy whole morning, had to wakeup at 6am people! D: omg, not my everyday routine man. Had alot of trouble waking up, but Bryan morning called me TWICE. And idk how many times i snoozed my alarm. HAHAHA. & yeah, so, I guess that's all? Pictures I shall update maybe later if i want to. Cos i feel kinda lazy tho now. ): HAHA.

I feel happy for you. That you've moved on and is able to feel real happiness again. I wish you guys the best of luck in everything you guys do, you now have a partner that you could rely on and trust on full heartedly. And also, you can love her whole heartedly now. When i'm gone, take good care of yourself and her aite? :D don't make me sad. :) my last goodbye. istillloveyouboy.