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Monday, October 4, 2010

I can't believe you. Really?

There's this boy that I met last year September, and he's awesome :)

OMG , I'M SO FED UP WITH EVERYTHING NOW. Sighh. Okay so first you tell me something, then when I mention that it was you who told me you blame it on your friend and your friend ends up getting in trouble! The heck weih! What's your problem seriously. If only I haven't deleted off your texts then it would have been a really nice proof to what you've talking behind your friend's back. SERIOUSLY. PLUS,I feel so sorry for her, and i even pity her so much that i hope she pities herself. You know what? Forget it. Idc anymore. Don't want to. It's so tiring I can just die! Do whatever you want and i'm not gonna get involved in anything anymore. Your life and her life has nothing to do with me anymore. You love her? Go. I really seriously don't mind and care. Kiss her in class for all that's good to you. I really don't wanna get your friend into anymore touble! BYE.

Okay, so i guess i just released stressed now in this blog post. Ohwells, but still school was fine. Had dinner with Munmun tdy :) hee. Went Taipan Mcd to eat dinner, and met her friend aswell. And omg she's so skinny :O hmmm and yeah well I guess that's all? Yep. Only that I'll maybe be updating lesser this couple of weeks due to end year terms :) mmhmm. AFTER THAT, holidays and freedom here we come! :D
Mmm thinking of going to Pulau Pangkor with the gang :D Wheeeee!