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Saturday, October 9, 2010

His lips. I could kiss them all day.

Let's run away, and don't ever look back.

Hmmm. Am feeling super, err, not emo lar just, confused maybe. Tsk.
I, err, i'm still holding onto him. Why? When he wasn't even my boyfriend before this? This is simply ridiculous. Why do i keep wanting to see him and wish that he would appear right in front or at the back of me. Then maybe he would say hi to me and smile at me, like how he did last time. We used to talk alot, super alot. We used to laugh alot, super alot. We used to see each other alot, super uber alot. We used to share so many stories together, freaking alot. Especially him.
I just, wanna know what happened? I mean, what's wrong with you? Why did you suddenly not talk to me anymore? I really miss you. You're first thing I think about when i'm awake and the last i think about before i sleep.