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Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm totally in love with you. Why did I ever let you go in the first place?

Good evening. (:
Okay so last night had cg then went to Taipan Mcd yumcha sikit. But we celebrated Ian Lee's birthday as well after yumcha. HAHA. and she doesn't know at all! WEEEEE. Hm but also Sung kinda spoiled it lar. He accidently wrote in the inbox message which she can see aswell. KOYAK! but still, she din't know that it would be so many people lor. :D HAHA,still good. Tsk.
Reached home last night about 1am. Haha, then today just lazed around at home. Din't really go out, only had piano in the morning.
that's all!
Ciao :D