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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What goes up, must come down.

Now baby you're not around.

Good evening tiny peoples of this planet so called, Earth. I am Megann the smart alien girl and I've come in peace to type out this short post about last Friday's event. :)

Okay, so last friday the gang wanted to celebrate lantern festival at KK. We initially wanted to play candles but sadly we couldn't. ): why? 'Cause it started to drizzle again. Aw man D: oh wells. So we changed plans to walk to Ham Yong's house after buying our dinner at Mcd. While walking halfway, it kept drizzling. Omg. Yeah and finally after, idk how long, i think roughly about 30mins or so, we finally reached Yong's mansion. Ehehehe. The dad bought pizza for us, haha aw how sweet :) then later on we were fooling arnd in his house. Me and Cheryl were playing the piano while Hanson was upstairs sleeping in Yong's bedroom. Ahahaha :D then later on, we bathed in his bathroom x) heheheh. We basically took advantage of his house man =D awesome.

Later on, it was movie timeeeee! Yay! The guys ( Leslei & Hanson ) rented Scissors 2 for our Lantern festival horror movie. It's japanese one, soyeah obviously it'll be real scary shit. :X but me and my sister din't get to watch D: when the horror was starting, my dad came -.- alamak. Susahnyaaaaa. Bleah! Anyways, Weii said that the ending suck balls. :D oh wells.
Alright, goodnight peoples! :D