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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sleepness nights fall upon me .

You are definately adorable! :)

Hello you tiny peoples out there! ;D
Heh , I got that word from my Bei Li :) so anyways , went out with Yee Fen today! Yes! It was kinda a last minute plan tho. Planned it on Friday night went out on Saturday morning. Haha! Yeahman (Y) it was a success! Woohoo! ;)

Yf picked me up @ my place around 11something , then we headed to SP. First thing was Starbucks! Haha , Yf drank TWO coffees! :D amazing :) then , headed to Fullhouse for lunch. Service damn bad can die but food was good! Yummy! Later on, walked around the WHOLE PYRAMID cause Yf wanted to buy heels for a cousin's wedding next weekend. But couldn't find anything as it was too exp! D: Sigh , then we headed back to Starbucks and sat there and talk and online! :) I bought a cookie! Heh too tempted d. Hmm then yeah that's all! :D
She joined us for dinner aswell . Great day out with her!

Now looking forward to Wednesday's movie marathon with the twins & Thomas! :D

Alright that's all! :)
Goooooooooodnight people!