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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nyehnyehbubu! :D

That should be me.

Hi all! :D
I know I kinda left my blog a lil bit abandoned , but , aiyoo , sorry lah. I din't get to online the past few nights. 'Cause, well, I had school and my dad was using it all the time. Soyeah. :/
But atleast noww , I can use! :D Alright sooo , wow. I'm going out again today with the twins, Thomas & my sister! Yay! Movie marathon daaay! Well, Thomas promised me ;) hahaha. So anyways, then I'll be meeting up with Shalini and her friends aswell later in SP. So , two in one kinda thingymajing! ;D heh.
Pictures not posted up yet, lazy and busy. Maybe today, idk. Or , tmr? O_O but don't worry, I'll get right to it! :D
Alright, ciao people!