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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My heart keeps telling me that I shouldn't let go of him.

But now I love you so much.

Goood morning peak readers :)
Well , I'm devastated. Obviously, lately i've been thinking about what went wrong between me and AT? But, I just can't seem to find out the answer at all. I miss him. That i'm sure. But, sigh, he was a really nice guy. A really really nice guy. He was uhm well , fairly patient aswell you could say :)
He kept singing all those HSM's songs to me. Especially those songs which are Troy and Gabriella's duets. Haha, those love songs. Oh how I miss them. :/ he would call me everynight without fail , with his house phone some more! And his hp bill, usually wouldn't go up to abt lets say, 50bucks. But there was once where I asked him, and he said that this month was 70 over bucks. It might not be much to you but it's kinda alot to him, since he hardly ever uses his hp. I was shocked, asked him not to call anymore. Especially with house phone, since it's darn bloody expensive. But, he still did. I mean, how could you not love a guy like that? Plus, he was so adorable last time. :D
But now, not even a word. Let alone a 'hi' from him anymore. It's just, 'I look at you and you look at me' in school. This is why i feel devastated when i see him in my class talking with his friends or even other girls, i sometimes wonder whether I'm jealous or mad at myself for throwing away sucha great guy? I question myself everyday, everynight. & one thing's for sure, I definately miss him.

Goodnight people.