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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's easier for telling the truth.

Helloh helloh fellow tiny peoples :D
I'm finally here to update my SUPER DEAD BLOG. Hmmm let's see, ohyeah! I got my blue contacts on Monday! Wheeee :) BUT, I'm super sad aswell cos they don't have the colour that I initially wanted which was :


Yeah, so I'm like, uber saddd ): but kinda happy at the same time cos this is the first time that daddy allowed me to get coloured contacts! :D Yaaay! So don't get shocked when my eyes look a lil too blue ;)
And yes, I've recovered from my sickness but my stupid cough is still there. So singing is a lil uncomfortable for me sometimes /: sad. But atleast I can still sing. Hmmm what else, oh yes, we form 4A are gonna perform smth for Caiven's wedding on the 2nd of October! Wheehehehe :3 excited also cos I'll be able to try out my blue contacts for the very first time! =D And yeah guess that's all, apart from, final test is right arnd the corner, cg and bible study tmr night and I've to study like shit, my life is pretty awesome :D i can tell myself now that I'm much much happier than before!
No kidding ;) I can practically scream my lungs out despite my sore throat :)

Alright, and i'm out!