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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm super duper in love with you, but you just can't see that apparently.

You are the best thing, that has ever been in my life tho we weren't together.

Hi, can I talk about my ex-crush today on this post? LOL.

Idk why but I just miss him so much, and NO , it's nothing emo. Omg. I'ma just tell you what made him so special to me that made me fall in love with him.

We both met in tuition last year. We used to be in the same schools as well. Well, I din't exactly know that until I remembered his familiar face, soyeah. Getting back to the story, I met him in tuition, but never talked to him and let alone even look at him / pay attention to him at all. Till around August I think, or later than that I forgotten; he made the first to talk to him. And this was what he said, 'What's your number and where do you live?' -.- omg if you were me would you think that he's a stalker much? LOL i did but i gave him my number anyways, and just told him where i lived but not which road. Hmmm yeah.

And well, later on in class idk why but we were in the same groups most of the time :O seriously. And yeah, we laughed alot around each other. But at the same time, my boyf wasn't exactly happy. We started getting close by talking to each other about this girl he used to like last year. Yeah, he started calling me ever since the two months holidays started. That's when we started going out and talking, and laughing. Even more so, he came to my house and he played my piano. Haha, he's an awesome pianist :) also, after for awhile of talking on the phone, i noticed that he stopped talking about the girl he liked but instead, he kept talking about other things. Most of them is about himself and his family or whatever else like what he liked to eat blablabla. Hmmm kinda weird tho. O_O hahah.

Later on, we went out ALOT. Like seriously ALOT. We would always meet each other at our U18 park as we live in the same neighbourhood , wow , what a coincidence. :O hmmm and yeah, we talked alot and later on early this year he taught me bball :D hehehe :3 first time somebody has so much patience to teach me bball. Lucky x)
And yeah well, i guess thats abt it. Oh there was another time last year where he took me out for breakfast as well. HAHA. It was nice of him tho i don't eat breakfast. Hmmm /:

But now, he's gone. Idk where did he go to. We don't talk anymore and neither do we even see each other anymore. I miss him so much and he's harder to let go than my ex. This is ridiculous. D:

Well people, you've heard my story about my lover. How about yours?