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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm falling for you .

Trust no man. Fear no bitch.

Goood afternoon all! :D
Well , I definately enjoyed service today! Sermon was super awesome! It was talking about Restoration , and yes , am I glad that I went :) it helped me out with my problems that I'm dealing with now. Especially all my bad past. I was really struggling through them, but today's service, what Pastor Kevin said today, really touched my heart and encouraged me to move on. Not only that, but also, having a bad past has nothing to do with your future now.
Take it as , 'A bad past turns into a good past as you're saved by the grace of God.' :) So then now, you can love your the person you've hated your whole life, by the grace of God. :) I find it awesome! :D

Another thing before I go off for my cg outing! I've been updating my tumblr alot :D Hahaah. It's really fun to update on tumblr more than blog. Hehehee :] I knowww. But still, I'm not gonna abandon my dear blog!
Alright, goodbye people!