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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love you. :)

Hi! :) I love you.

This is for you, my pretty boy. :)

I love you. I still do. Trust me, I might be happier without you, but, I miss you terribly deep down inside. Sometimes when I'm at home, I just feel like talking to you. Calling you. Punching in your numbers and have a nice chat with you. But I'm afraid that I'll just bug you and your new life with her.
But lately, I can't do that anymore. Because I don't wanna feel the hurt and receive texts from you in the morning feeling so scared. I can't go through that anymore. I'm much happier like this because my problems have become much easier. Now, all I have to worry about is my studies, my piano, my friends, my attitude, my work in my cg and that's all. No more worrying about whether you still love me or not, or whether you have a new girlf and I'm gonna be jealous anot.
All I can say is that, I love you. But, I don't love you as well. Idk why but yeah. Altho sometimes the things I do or my friends do, it reminds me terribly of you. How I used to be that lucky. To have a guy truly love me and care for me. :) I miss all that, but, I've to move on. I'll love you, like how I love my friends. That's the best I can do, and the best that I'm gonna do.
The rest stops, there. No more than that.
Enjoy your life okay. :) I've got a surprise for you as well. Keep in touch then.