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Friday, September 10, 2010

& I am terrified.

Hello people! :D
Just came back from the twins house and had a great time at their house with my sayangs together with Leslei and Hanson with a movie marathon :) wheee!
Hmmm , yeah , reached their house around 4 plus and then we chilled for awhile, talked alot and laughed. Bei Li was like half deaf , cos whatever we said , she twisted it when she asked questions O_O omg. HAHAHAHA. And then she kept saying tiny people O: eeeeish , typical Bei Li. Aahahaha :D that cute lil girl.
Yep, then later on around 6 i think, we walked to Sri Melur to eat our early dinner as me and Beiwei were hungry :) yummy fooood. No pictures at all cos neither of us brought our camera. Haha! Later on Hanson joined us as he's aunt dropped him off. He ate aswell and paid for us too O_O gosh. Thanks Hanson! :D Hahahaah. Yeah then headed back and watched House of Wax, followed by The Orphan. Deng, second time that i'm watching the Orphan. Kinda boring tho /: sighh , oh wells!
Yeah and that's all , will be leaving for Melaka tmr tho!
See you peopleeee! :D

p/s wanted to upload pictures but blogger is being stubborn here. Soyeah. Stay tuned! :D