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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did you think that?

I'm sorry my dear star. ):

Gahhhh !
This is ridiculous! I can't upload any damn photos except for pretty pictures like these! D: Y'know what? I'ma just compile everything into my next post when I can upload the photos. Seriously man.
Anyways, got back from Malacca tdy with family. It was okay I guess. Then, Cheryl came over to do social skills project with my sister. But ended up talking with them. Then Cheryl asked whether me and maya wanna go SP to catch a movie. I did, my sister had horse riding classes. AGAIN -.- oh wells. But she did join us for dinner :)
Watched Resident Evil : Afterlife. I find it awesome :D A MUST WATCH PATRICK NG WEI HAU. :D Hahahaha.
Dined at Kim Gary together with my parents. HAHA. You should've seen the look on Leslei's face man seriously. It was priceless. =D
Hmmm , soyeah. Guess that's all. School's starting tmr -.- gah. Unfair. Others are on holiday while WE , SIRIUS SCHOLARIANS have freaking school! D:
Fine. Ciao!