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Thursday, September 23, 2010

'Cause he's lovin' :)

Okay people, sooo, hello! :D i'm here to re-update this long post with pictures. Just short short captions and explainations. :)

So the pictures below in BR were taken on the first week of holidays. And yeah, went there to celebrate my cousin's late birthday. And meeeeet Ernest! :D My new boyf! HAHAHAH.

My dearest Ernest. :D I haven't seen him in a looong time man. I miss him ):

Below you have a picture of my sister, while we were waiting in Malacca's hotel. :) bored maa. Still more pictures ofcourse in my DSLR. Hahaa i feel so lazy to upload. ):

Below are random pictures of me. LOL.

My dog, Flicka :D

The day that I got my new contacts! Wheeee :3


Thursday we did an experiment on Titration for our chemis coursework :O
Hmmm. I only liked the colour :D hahahaha. Typical me lah. Purple. :D

And yeah well, I guess that's all people!

Goodbye and have a nice day! :D