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Friday, August 6, 2010

On the darkside of the sun

Picture of the day in this blog! ( Cause this update is a few days late, hahaha )

Don't we all love sunsets? Especially when it's on a rooftop? :)

Okay, yep, this is me. I'm too skinny! Deng! D:
Look at my hands & arms, like stick nia /:

Helloh all (: Good day ain't it? Yep. A good day to blog!
Okay, so, as I've said in the previous post. Me & the bunch went to Taipan for dinner this time instead of Ten Tien Fatt, cos eat till sien d. LOL. So yeah, we walked there, the distance was fine, only thing was cos it was so darn hot that day! GOSH D: sigh, oh wells, atleast can burn fats lah.

Hmmm, so yeah, pictures would talk now then (: ;

On the way there,

Yong & noob CP :)

On the way we saw some hair in one of the boxes thrown outside at the U6 neighbourhood. Yucks xP
P/S omg look at my sister. HAHAH. :D

&& finally;
( Cheryl's food )

Group picture while eating & before we left :)
Also, I saw my dear gay friend Syafiq there! Eheh :D

After all that eating, we decided to go and walk around Taipan before we headed back to school for tuition. But then, I suggested ice cream from 100 yen! :D Wheee! Idk what's wrong with me but I was super darn craving for ice cream last whole week & this week. Aiks /: & i'm still getting no where with growing! D: NOOOOOOOO! C'mon, grow atleast more fats in my arms and hands.

After that, up we headed to Taipan's rooftop for a short photoshoot session, while the sunset is still there! :D Pictures turned out really nice! Credits to Cheryl's camera & Bei Wei's skills + Leslei. LOL :)

Btw, these two pictures below are from last Saturday's after test outing! Haha :D not much taken tho, rest is in my DSLR :) shall upload it soon.
Till then, byebye!

Click the pictures to enlarge it for better view (:

& i'm out! Ciao! :)

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