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Monday, August 23, 2010

Maybe 'cause it's just love :)

HI! I'M DONE! OMG FINALLY :D oh! But these aren't all of it tho :) heheh. I obviously can't upload the WHOLE 300OVER PICTURES RIGHT? DOH. OBVIOUSLY CAN'T. -.- so anwyays , the rest are in my fb , go take a look if you like ;)

Okay well , so , I guess , short explaination then :) Hmmmm. Went up to Genting right after at around 5something & reached around 6something? :) Yeah , then later on, while waiting for my parents to come up so we could check into our rooms, we headed out for a lil walk & dinner & started to take pictures :D yep! It was super awesome! After checking in , we stayed in our room for awhile then headed out again :) took some pictures in our room before we left tho. Yeah. The guys played Texas poker.

THEN, we headed out to snap more pictures & walked around more! Later at about 12smth, we headed to Starbucks for a yumcha session :) had a nice talk with Patrick & later on around 115am we headed back to our rooms to wash up, bath & got ready to play truth or dare. But sadly, everybody was tired already, so no truth or dare D: sigh. Oh wells, then we all slept.

Next morning , all went to the theme park & ate breakfast @ Old town kopitiam :) Then , it was time to say our goodbyes & leave the place D:

A great weekend spent ;) !