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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm running outta breath to chase you anymore .

Sometimes it's good to act crazy once in awhile , releases the extra stress you have in you :)

Gooood evening all :)
Well , short post then I'm off to bed. Haha.
Okay , so , today was fine , everything was fine. Mm , EXCITED FOR THIS FRIDAY LAAAAAH.
OVERNIGHT TRIP TO GENTING WITH THE BUNCH! OMG , CHERYL TAN YOU'D BETTER GO IF YOU WANNA SEE HIM ;) hehehe. Hmmm , another thing is , Patrick's joining us! Ahah! :D Yesyes , sooo excited , and also , can't wait for this Thursday's Wet World outing aswell. Mmhmm , after we finish our coursework we can play all day!

Guess that's all people!