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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girl you're amazing , just the way you are :)

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend :)

Hi hi hi !
I feel super happy today & idk why also. HAHA. Hmmm , anyways , I've decided to do a proper update as yee fen did a proper update abt ytd. Soyeah lah. Whynot right? Hahaah :) ( megann , don't be lazy! C'mon! )

Okaylah , lets start!
So I picked yee fen up at abt 12pm I think? Yeah , then , off we went to SP. After that , first stop was Starbucks as we wanted to sit down at a quiet place to talk all we want! :D
Heh , she belanja-ed me a tall Caramel Macchiato! Wheee (L) thanks love! :) & I belanja-ed her a blue spaghetti tee from FOS! Wow , seriously , blue looks good on us man! (Y)
Then we walked and talked , then take LOTSA PICTURES ;D then walked some more. Shopped a lil , but yee fen bought quite alot of little stuff ;) haha! Then we err , went to toilet alot as yee fen kept saying that she needed to visit the toilet. (toilet lover) :P HAHAH.
Soyeah , well, guess that's all?
I enjoyed my time with her. Seriously. Eventho we used to argue and gossip abt eachother alot , I still love her :) I miss our times together in primary aswell. & especially the times where we go to eachother's houses alot , almost every weekend! :P Well , atleast now I know that we're still best friends :D

Visit our albums in Fb yeah! :D