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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feels like nobody ever touched me till you touched me.

You are sweet, you are kind, you are adorable, you are loveable. You smile at me all the time without fail.

Helloh (:
Well, I've nothing much to blog about anyway. Just maybe a lil bit about today! After school, me & the bunch went off to Taipan for dinner this time instead of Tien Tien Fatt, eat there till sien d so yeah lah . Mmhmm, ate at McD, saw Syafiq! Ahh, yes, my long lost malay dude friend who's so gay :D anyway, after that, we went to 100yen for NON FATTENING ICE CREAM! & after that, we went up to Taipan's rooftop for a short photoshoot! :) Mmhmm, well, we kinda lost track of time. Hahah. :D
After that, at about 740pm, we quickly like ran back to school & rushed for addmaths tuition :) we were all tired & sweaty! GOSH D: ick! Heheh. Ouhh well, guess that's all? & i'm done, out!
Ciao! :)