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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fate brought us back together again, right there deep in our hearts.

Mm , good evening to all awake readers right now. Or more like, good early peak morning. The heck.

So anyways, I couldn't sleep tonight again. Why? 'Cause , I've remembered a few things of what happened this year with TK & AT. Sigh, okay well, I watched High School Musical 3 like, few hours ago with mummy. And you're probably wondering what's it gotta do with both of them right? Yeaaah i know. So yeah, it reminded me of AT first 'cause, he loved High School Musical 1, 2 & 3. & well, it just brings back so memories of him and me when we first met and we first fell in love for each other; and also, how we got together and what we went through. It was beautiful at first, but sadly it had to end. Worst part is, I ended it with him. TWICE some more. I had my own personal reasons of why I did that. It was due to some certain traumas. :/ but he's a really nice guy tho , & I needa talk to him. Seriously. A one on one chat, with him. 'Cause, I needa clear out some stuff with him.

Secondly , TK. Wow, I seriously can kill myself instantly when the thought of him teaching me basketball came into my mind as i watched HSM3. Those bball players were playing bball , while one of them threw the ball hard against one of his friend. And yeah, that's where it actually got me. It reminded me of how, caring he was. How patient he was. How adorable he looked when he was playing with those lil kids at the bball court behind our house. :) I couldn't help but smile when typing this out. He's just, everything I thought he would be / could be. But sadly, I can't have him. I might aswell , be silent about my feelings for him. Keep it real silent and not show out any of it at all in front of my friends.

Soyeah, well, I guess that's all I've to say for tonight! :) Goodnight people.

OH! Before I really go, I've been listening to this song from Fullhouse. Yeah, awesome song. It's been so long since I last watched and listened to their songs. :)