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Sunday, July 11, 2010

This post is specially dedicated to,

A special someone who I used to think that I would never have got him and liked him ever since we got close. But little did I know , we eventually got together. After we got together, we felt that our relationship didn't really work out so, our relationship ended eventually. Everything of us went down, including our secret long lasting love for eachother. Atleast I thought so.
Okay, so why am I saying all these and typing out all these? It is because I had a weird dream lastnight, about who? Cjw lah -.- ! Ish , after that dream I felt so weird . Like, something was missing or something like that lah. :/ I'm sucha sad sad, lonely, pathetic lil girl.

It started out like this, it was in this weird scene. You know like those zombie movies where the whole town gets infected and by night you would get killed and eaten alive by these zombies? You know those kind of movies right? Right, well, we were in one of those movies. I also dk why, but, yeah.
So story goes like this,
( 5 seconds later , )
Okay you know what ? I'm lazy to type out everything, it would be sucha bore, SO, long story cut short.
He was at first looking at me, opposite the car. He was looking at me through the window. So was I. Well , I didn't had much thought or feelings towards him looking at me 'cause I knew that both of us don't have anything more in common. Soyeah. But then later on, he came round the car, where I was standing. & he suddenly hugged me. LOL. WHY? Idk also. I found it ridiculous till he said, 'I missed you so much, do you?' I replied, 'Yes, I do too.' (My mind was thinking, wtf was I saying? ) & he said, 'So, means you still love me? Yes?' I said, 'Yes, I still loveyou. ( again with wtf thingy , seriously what was going on with me in that dream ?! ) And later on he replied, 'I love you, I still do as well.' WHAAAAT , WAS GOING ON ?!

In a zombie scary looking kinda scene, suddenly got two people hugging each other saying 'i miss you' and 'i love you' to one another. Damn wtf kan ? -.-! Seriously man. What kind of dream was I having? But, this dream also made me realized something. It made me realise how much I really miss him. Deng!
Sigh, alright. & i'm out!