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Monday, July 26, 2010

What's your new name called? :D

Okay, finally I've the time and the perfect internet to update my blog nicely! Alright, so if youve seen my Facebook name it's now, Megann Ho Wei Hau. Why? See the guy above in the picture? The mohawk dude? Yeah, his name is Patrick Ng WEI HAU! Now you know whr I got this lousy english chinese name from, HAHA. LOL, kidding. I gotta admit that it's actually really nice. Hmm, a nice ring to it :D aha! Well, reason why I have his name is cause he wouldn't accept that I don't have a english chinese name and I even forgotten my own CHINESE NAME. GOSH. HOW NICE OF ME. So yeah, he used his name and put it together with my name. I was like, okaaay. He was like, 'PUT IT AS YOUR FACEBOOK NAME! PUT IS AS YOUR FACEBOOK NAME!' ahhh well, lil boy wants his way, lil boy GOT his way. Aihhh :/

So anyway, I owe you guys an update about my mum's birthday which was idk how many Sunday's ago. So ! Dad brought us all to Marriot hotel to celebrate mum's birthday at this really cool Tuscany restaurant. YEAHMAN ;D we went there to like, idk, bathed or something like that as we were rushing for time. So yeah. Wow, the facilities were awesome! :) I didn't bring my DSLR as Bei Wei borrowed it. Soyeah, sorry for the lousy pictures. Long story cut short, we enjoyed the night!

Entertainment of the night!
Mm, awesome musicians && singers! :D

But will everything go well? Cause, I'm confused. About your feelings.