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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maybe it's just the beginning of everything else?

This is my story to tell, about this boy I met last year, who showed and let me feel, what true love really is all about;

Would it only be that, pretty, slim, cute, hot, amazing features, flawless, & prefect girls, get their childhood dreams and perfect hot boyfriend who loves them for them and would never be unloyal no matter what happens, and would continue to endure their sadness with them, and wouldn't leave them unless if necessary and with a good reason? Would it be that only these kind of girls get what they want whenever they want it? Is this all true? All just made believe to us normal girls who hardly ever care about how we look but only care about how we act and whether we love, care, respect and appreciate our own parents?

From my experience, I don't think so. I used to be one of those girls who never care about how we look like or whether we're as pretty as these other girls. I was carefree, single, and enjoying every single second of my life. Till I reached a certain where love was introduced to me. From then now, everything about me changed. My looks, attitude, and even the way I dress, literally everything about me changed. But, there was only one thing left in me which didn't change. That is, I'm still a very open minded girl. Yes I admit, that my attitude is rotten. I try to hard, to impress not only guys but others, example: my friends, my family, my cousins, my boyfriend even somtimes. & also, I've never had steady relationships that lasted over 3 months till I was 14.

Back then, the kind of person I was, is a total disaster. Not a beautiful disaster, but a tragedy! I barely thought about how guys would feel if I treated them like crap and just dump them like that when I easily fall for another guy. And yes, it's true. I admit, that I fall for guys easily. But, eventho how rotten I was, fate never stopped caring for me or it didn't give up on me that easily, YET. This is because, in 2009, on the 31st of January, I, Megan Ho, fell in love after I recently broke up with my boyfriend of secondary 2. I never took this new relationship of mine seriously because, I thought to myself, 'Oh, must another guy just trying to confess to me, be with me, then later on we'll get tired of each other.' But no. I was wrong. For the first time in my life, I was wrong.

This new boyfriend of mine which I had last year, used to be nothing but an accquaintance to me. Yes, we go to the same tuition but we never talked. And that's how I got to know him, from far. But during the last week of tuition in 2008, he talked to me first, just by asking me this question, 'Eh megan, why are you using sucha old modeled phone when your sister is using a nicer phone than you?' I was shocked, not by what he said but because, he was so random! Suddenly talking to me like this, for once in tuition. So I simply answered with a awkward expression on my face, 'Uhh.. Cos I like this phone ma.' And he said, 'Oh. Ok.'

Well, I can't blame that he was that random, cause we never talk in class. So yeah. But later on, God knows how he got my number! He started texting me, at that time he was with my sister. So I was never interested as I've already a boyfriend. Then in 2009, on the second week of Janary, I broke up with my boyfriend which we lasted for, about 5 months I think. Still, I continued to be friends with my last ex, Jared and also continued to talk to this guy, code name, 'Ryan' when he's real name was actually Brandon. I didn't know that he was my sister's boyfriend, my sister's boyfriend who's talking to me with another personality! But in some ways, I don't know how, but, we eventually got together after he and my sister broke up. They weren't heart broken as my sister and him never really did work out.

& that's how, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Keep in my mind that I still don't know he was Brandon as I kept thinking that I was talking to 'Ryan'. As months passed by, I finally got to know that, he's Brandon and there was never a Ryan. He was afraid to tell me, because he said that I would get angry at him. But surprisngly I wasn't. Idk why, but I wasn't. & his reason for making up that other person was cause, he thought that I would only accept guys who are very high class. He said that, as he saw and knew my last ex as well. I was shocked! I mean, come on! Eventho I used to date a high class guy doesn't mean I'm not into not so high class guys as well right? Later on, we started talking to each other on the phone, almost every night.

6 months later, we were still together surprisingly. & we were happier than ever! We loved each other, and yes for the first time, I felt loved and I love another, full heartedly. He was the first, he made me feel that I'm actually in a relationship and that I was appreciated by others and that I was loved and cared for. On the first week of the June holidays last year, I was invited to go out with him and his friends to watch two movies. For the first time in 6 months, we've finally managed to go out together. I had fun, really. His friends are fun to be with, uhm, funny you could say maybe?

But still, I love him. Tho he's gone. Part One, end.