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Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm smiling ! :)

Will update about tonight and tmr's outing maybe on Monday! :D Hahahah! Cos my house internet is seriously slow! D: Soyeah (:

Anyway, a summary of tonight and tmr of what's gonna happen! ;)
Went out tonight to Taipan, Starbucks just now about 10 like that to meet up with my so called brother Patrick Ng Wei Hau! ;D YES! Loooong time never see him alr, soyeah lah! Had fun! Definately, but was only allowed to go out for 20mins. Sigh. D: Nyways, we're gonna meet up again soon and this time HE'S gonna call me, not me! Bwahahaha!
Tmr , would be whole day outing for me! Morning till evening will be movie's & shoppings with my sayangs, except mummy D: mummy couldn't make it :/ sigh. Then, at night, MTV world stage with my sister! :D Woooohoooo! ;D
Okay, goodnight!

& i'm out! :)