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Saturday, July 24, 2010

& I was like, baby, baby baby oooh! :D

Once, there was a girl, named Megann :)
She was lonely & single. Hoping to find true love soon enough to feel her life with happiness! & well, today, this evening, on the 24th of July, 2010, she found her true love! :D HAHA.

Megann (:

Shushian :D

Well, two years agoo, Megann met Shushian as she was in the same class with her. Sadly she wasn't close with her at all, till this year..... Something happened :) !
Yes, oh wells, I'm lazy to make up anymore stories so long story cut short !
I got married to Goh Shu Shian on the 24th of July! ;D YESH! HAHA, a once accquaintance to me is now my wifey!! :):) Mmm, yes, & I love her so much ! So very very much! Mwah mwah , oh yes & before I go , our song is Baby by Justin Bieber! Yesyes, it is! :]

& i'm out out out out ! Your turn to update your blog wifey! ;)