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Friday, July 9, 2010

I love you , without a doubt ! :D

And when the sky falls , only you were there to catch me in your arms again . To tell me that you would never let me out of your sight .

Hello all ! :D
I feel really good tonight after my one on one tuition just now :) mm, yes ! 'Cause , I saw him ! I managed to see him , I feel soo awesome till I told Jiwen the lousy ! LOL , then he started to kacau me again . How pathetic of me man , seriously .
Anyway , boy , it was nice to see you again after so many months & it was definately awesome to talk to yo properly again tonight :) you put a smile on my face when your first sentence was a teasing one . Oh how I missed that so dearly . Especially that smile of yours , it's perfect . I missed you , I really did miss you . I wanna see your smile once more , again . Well , it always stay in my heart , that smile of yours (:

& i'm out!