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Friday, July 9, 2010

The heart wants what the heart wants .

Who needs a boyfriend when you've these awesome people as your spiritual family ? :)

Hello , goooood afternoon there :)
I'm backk from lunch at Empire Gallery and a lil grocery shopping . Hmm , I love Empire man , it's soo super nice ! :D Yes , well , had lunch at some chinese restaurant then off we went to Jaya Grocery ! Mm , they have so many things to buy and soo many of my favourite snacks as well :D AHAH! Okay , long story cut short . I got my Nerds ! Yaay ! Oh how much have I longed for it and I got my Purple Oreo ! :D I wanna try it :) mm , om nom nom .
Alright , pictures :

My purple Oreos ! :D

Okay , these pictures are from last night before I went to tuition . My dad went down to get something so me and my sister just decided to camwhore I guess :)