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Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't just love me, embrace me as well

Whenever you wanna come back to me, I'll welcome you with open arms & a wide smile which I've been meaning to give you.

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Goooooood evening! :)
Today was, tiring. Usual classes in the morning then later at night my cg :) well, I couldn't tag along in Jolene's car 'cause she had a family dinner with her family since her dad just came back from China or some sort. Soyeah. Found transport from Dicvinn, but last minute Jess had to pick me up from my u4 place 'cause Dicvinn was late. Couldn't blame him, was really jammed pack out there. Everybody was rushing home for dinner & stuff, blablabla. So, after my dinner around 6ish I slept on the couch awhile as I was soo exhausted felt so lethargic. Hmm, that means no more sleeping at 6am if you can't sleep! Should've tried to sleep lah! Regret :/
So anyway, alls well ends well. Tonight's Word was awesome & felt really blessed by it. Then Ian Lee shared her praise report about Sydney since she was there last week. Dicvinn kinda screwed up a lil during warmth time, when he was introducing it. But no worries bro, try again next time! We all have our times like this! ;)
After that, was fellowship time. Makan time loh, first we ate chocolate as Jolene's as Ian Lee bought as some chocolates! Mm, yummy! Then after that, Andrew went back home as he needed sleep. So, the rest of us went to Taipan's Sin Kong to eat Ian Lee's favourite hokkien mee & Jess' favourite har mee. LOL! Well, it was all nice tho. Had a great night with my spiritual family, really happy that Ian Lee's finally back & service tmr evening as usual.
& i'm out!

Seek God , & He will answer your prayers. (: