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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

'Cause baby, you smile I smile :)

So it's another sleepless night. Well, then about now I should've have time to update d right? But, I don't want to! I'm just too lazy lah! Forgive me! Oh wells, guess I'll try to update a long post with pictures this weekend then :)
Hmm, school's fine. I'm fine, my life's fine. But my love life? At first I thought it was a dead end for me after B, but, little did I know, I fell in love all over again! :D Not too long ago.

To my dear star;
Get well soon kay you dumbo boy! Supposed to call & talk tonight but noo , you had to feel sick :) nyways, get better soon, we'll talk tmr! :D goooooooodnight!