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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Will you forgive me ?

For all those horrible things that I've done to hurt your poor heart which you've loved me so much , would you please forgive me ?
If you could , I can really promise this time that none of that sort would ever happen again .
I don't want anything to fall apart just like that , and so that's why now I'm trying to patch things up as good as possible .
Please don't fall back on me now , it's only third day . Give me another chance to trust me if you can't forgive .
Then , I would definately proof to you , that I'm a changed girl .
A better one , for you :)
A better girlfriend , just for you .
You're important to me , and never would I wanna lose you again .
So please , hang on there with me for awhile more .
I'll make miracles happen and let your eyes see that I'ma different girl . A better one than the previous me .
Iloveyou , boy .

Happy 1 year, 4 months babyboy .
I still wanna continue the days with you all my life .