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Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a day to meet someone new :)

A guy wouldn't know a girl's love for him unless the girl have proved to him , or , he loves her too .

Hey there :)
Went out to SP today to celebrate Shalini's birthday . Yes, I find that it was awesome , 'cause her friends are awesome . I don't see why people think that Indians are ruthless or whatever crap but, I don't care . I think their fun people and sociable people & awesome people ! :D HAHA. Yes they are . It was nice to just hang out with her group of friends today . Tho, the only people I know in that group was her and Jaga , I think , if I spelled his name correctly . Alright, and uhh, then later on, I met Laveena, Satish, and Javin . ( Idk how to spell their names correctly. Omg lol! ) HAHA. :D
Anyway, they're great people to hang out with ! Javin carried my bag around for me, lmao, how sweet of him . Heh . And Laveena's real nice and sweet aswell ! Pretty too ! Satish is, uhh, nice also. But playful , yes . O___O hmm, yeah well, guess that's all :D Will update more tmr 'cause internet would be faster over at my cousin's place . Ha ! ;D Alright, night. Ciao people .