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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Should I be happy at all ?

Mm , my Sunday afternoon , was , fair enough I guess . Gonna cut my parents some slack ! It was actually boringg , with the buying groceries and eating a not-so-fabulous lunch , anddd , I think I literally died while they were doing their shopping thingy at Tesco as always . (now I know why I hang out more with my CG than them) -.-
Anyways , my sister is bacccckkk ! ;D Weeehooo , I'm superr duperr happy ! Finally someone to kacau at home and to someone to scream at when I've nothing better to do ;) don't worry abt pity , we find this normal :P we do it everyday in fact !
Hmm , okay , soo , we took some pictures here and there with my SLR and stuff like that , pictures shall be uploaded into another post ! :D Seeyou people !

Yes , it hurts , don't you know ?