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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pretty boy :)

Oh my pretty pretty boy , I love you :)

Hello there :)
Went out to SP ytd with my 'mommay' and 'grandmother' :D HAHA. hmm, actually it's Chinleang and Bryan lah . Well , supposedly LJW and YokeHong were supposed to tag along as well, but yh no money , and stupid LJW dowan come 'cause little people -.- fuhlamak ! Like tht also can . Mm , then well , we watched Knight and Day :) had lunch at Sushi Zanmai ! YAY (Y) and well , yeah , guess that's all :) pictures below were taken during lunch !
Alright , ciao people! :D

My mommay Chinleang and my grandmother Bryan :D

Camera shy people x)