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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh crap ! Shutup ! Close your thoughts ! Enough is enough !

NO ! ENOUGH ! Sigh. Enough is enough . I can't take anymore of this . Enough . I can't , pretend anymore , it's so obvious that I'm still so jealous over whatever girl he talks or whatever girl he knows . I thought , my heart was healed after some time . But I was wrong , I kept telling myself that I'll be okay , but I can't . I can't keep it in anymore ! Make it stop ! Make it stop , please . Oh God, please just make it stop . My heart is hurting every second . Every minute my tears would roll down my cheeks , and everyday all I could do is think of him . All I can say in my heart is, I still love him like I did . All I can weep about when i'm alone is why didn't I try hard enough to change myself . All the thoughts going around in my head is only, I love him, I truly do. How could I have just shoot him off like that ? Why didn't I try hard enough to hold him back ? Why didn't I ?! I can't , stop regretting what I didn't do . I , can't stop my thoughts 'cause everything in my mind is true . I can't , breath properly 'cause I can only cry now . I can't , eat properly 'cause just thinking of him fills my stomach .

Doing everything I can , to hold back all my tears .