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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Never ending love and laughter :D

Let me ask you a question .
Have you ever actually appreciated your cousins existence in your life ? Once or twice maybe ? But all the time , have you ever thought that ?
I have :) yes . All the time in fact !
Well , for one thing is 'cause , when you're with them , it's never ending laughter and happiness :D yeahman (Y)
Another is , whenever I"m down or depressed , just talking to them about my problems will eventually be turned into laughter or a dirty jokeeee x) Yes! That's how awesome they are ! I would've posted up more pictures of us together but sadly I can't anymore of our pictures we took together last time . Just these few for now . ;(

Because when you have them , they become the most precious human beings in your life . If you'd ask me whether I'd spend my entire life with them when I've nobody , I would :) Never in my life , would I palce them last or first , BUT , I shall place them in a special place , deep in my heart . Just talking to them is all I need for entertainment , humor , andd , happiness :D

Ciao people! :)